Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness: The Leadership Superpowers You Need Today

Have you ever thought about what makes Oprah Winfrey so loved and popular?

Or how a great leader like Nelson Mandela managed to alter the course of history for his country, South Africa, with his tolerance, compassion, and resilience?

Or how a leader like Tim Cook managed to raise the valuation of Apple to over $1 trillion despite expectations that the company would lose momentum after the death of Steve Jobs? 

Have you ever wondered about that vital skill that would enable you to turn your life around even in the most difficult situations?

That skill is emotional intelligence, and the good news is that it can be acquired with learning and practice.

Regardless of your occupation, family or financial situation, or life context, becoming more emotionally intelligent will add great value to your life. It will enable you to lead even if you are not in a formal leadership position.

Emotional intelligence is not really only about managing or regulating your emotions. It is about getting results in real life, while or through dealing with people’s irrationalities, bias, emotional outbursts, motivations, as well as your own. 

Vital Intelligence is offering an advanced, evidence-based, and case-intensive and extensive course to help you acquire that very skill. This skill will not only improve your income and promotability with time, but it will enable you to have more fulfilling relationships with people around you, including, and especially with, yourself. 


Begin your journey to personal mastery

As a leader, you need to be able to provide clear instructions to motivate others, but how do we provide this if we don’t confidently know and understand ourselves? Self-awareness is the most important quality to ensure your leadership success. In this skill development course, you will learn how to enhance your self-awareness and how to apply the concepts of personal mastery to your role as a coach or leader.

Emotional Intelligence is our mind’s capability to perceive, manage, and express emotions efficiently in real life. Knowing your strengths, and weaknesses can defend or define you. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize your emotions, and moods, and their effect on others. It involves a realistic self-assessment of what you are capable of – your strengths and weaknesses – and knowing how others perceive you. The course includes the awareness part of how you manage your anger and happiness.

Discover your core values

You will explore how to improve your emotional intelligence by evaluating your core values and how these may affect your coaching. You will produce your plans to understand how your standards dictate your actions, and how you can use this knowledge to inform your leadership decisions.

Purpose of this course

  • For those who are interested in understanding themselves better & want to explore emotional intelligence in more depth.
  • Develop an understanding of who you are, what is your core purpose, what are your values?
  • Distinguish how to manage your feelings & emotions more effectively
  • Identify the ways to manage and control your emotions
  • Specify your behavioral preferences to become more self-aware

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence – Leaders as Individual

This course is for:

    • Managers and employees
    • Students and Children
    • Anyone who is suffering from a high temperament and emotional problems
    • Those who want to manage their feelings and skills

What topics will you cover?

  • Importance of self-awareness
  • Notions of own mastery and its application to your role as leader
  • Insight into your intentions and motivations
  • Meaning of Emotional Intelligence
  • Assess your Self Perception
  • Determine your Behavioral Preferences
  • Defining your Life Goals

What will you achieve by the end of the course?

  • Apply way to enhance self-awareness
  • Identify core values and learn how these may impact your lifestyle
  • Reflect how self-awareness helps you become an effective leader
  • Learn to assess your values and actions
  • Apply strategies to enhance self-awareness
  • Identify core values and determine how this impact your lifestyle
  • How your self-awareness helps you be a more effective coach
  • Evaluate your actions to identify your leadership decisions
  • Understand how to show feelings and emotions in a wide range of situations