About Vital Intelligence

Today, there is so much hype about artificial intelligence, although AI applications have been around us since years ago. Some are extremely optimistic about AI, while others are more or less worried, since they are unsure about how the rise of “intelligent” machines would impact humanity. In this debate between the two sides, we have somewhat lost sight of what truly got us here to this stage of progress and development to begin with: human intelligence, or as we call it, vital intelligence.

Vital intelligence is about more than merely thinking – Alan Turing proved that even machines can “think” – Vital intelligence sustains life. Various physiological and biological systems work together intricately to give rise to intelligent life. This living intelligence is still way more sophisticated and complex than our best computational devices.

Vital intelligence is natural, and we are still in the early phases of understanding it. Tools like MRI and others give us the ability to take a look into the brain, but we are still far from fully understanding how it works, let alone defining intelligence. For this reason, we believe that the term “artificial intelligence” is not suitable, and we call it instead “sophisticated computational power”. And while this term applies better to traditional computers than quantum computers, we still have faith in the origin of both: vital intelligence.

As we set out to understand human intelligence, we found that not only humans are intelligent, but also the natural world around them is. Plants and other organisms, planets, stars, molecules, cells, particles, light, and water all work according to an extremely deep and complex set of rules, and they all behave intelligently. With this, vital intelligence becomes about much more than the intelligence of human beings; it encompasses the intelligence of all natural things, as parts and as a whole. With this, vital intelligence involves the intelligence of nature at large, and the quest for understanding vital intelligence is a scientific endeavour for understanding this fascinating universe of which we are a part.

It is our belief that if every human being reached their peak vital intelligence level, they would live a much more fulfilling life. Yet, it is unfortunate that so many of us live life with only a margin of that due to various factors – be those nature or nurture. We are truly living below our potential.

It is our mission to enable human beings and humanity at large to reach its true potential, which is beyond our current imagination. We can do this when we achieve a better understanding of ourselves and our surrounding environment, reach internal and external balance, and live in harmony with the brilliant nature of things.

To achieve its goals, this magazine will feature various topics in psychology, neuroscience, behavioural biology, group dynamics, organisational behaviour, complexity science and others. The center for all of those topics is, of course, vital intelligence.

Vital intelligence has enabled us to reach the moon before. Now, we can only begin to imagine how far it will take us. This magazine hopes it will take us as far as we want to go and much farther beyond that.

We wish you a very enjoyable and enlightening read, and that you live an ever more intelligent life.

Moneer Barazi

Editor in Chief